What to do if you cannot get a mortgage and you need to sell quickly?

Was Your Mortgage Application Declined?

When applying for a mortgage, you can never be too sure that you are going to get it, even if you are the richest person in the world and have a great FICO score. This is because there are so many requirements that must be met when applying for a mortgage. Not only do you as a borrower need to meet the requirements, but the property must also meet certain requirements.

Below are some of the most common reasons why mortgage applications declined:


If you do not make enough money to make the monthly payments, your application will also not be approved.


Down payment

You might be required to make a down-payment and if you are unable to make this payment, your application may be denied.  


Property Issues

If your property has issues and does not meet the criteria or requirements needed for it to be eligible for the mortgage.

Credit Scores

Your credit score must be above a certain level for your mortgage application to be approved.

So what do you do if you cannot get a mortgage and therefore need to sell your property quickly?

Quickly Finding a Buyer to Buy Your House

Online Classifieds

Online classifieds are a quick way of connecting with potential buyers who might be interested in buying the property which you have for sale. Posting an ad on most classifieds is free and takes just a couple of seconds. Use good quality pictures and describe your property and its location in as much details as possible if you want to get better response. 

Newspaper Adverts

If online classifieds do not work for you, the next step should be to make use of local newspaper classifieds. They do come at a little cost but are worth it as they usually work and give you good response for your advert. It is advised chose word advertising as that is the cheapest form of classified ad. Keep the wordings short yet crisp to attract the reader’s attention.

Word of Mouth

Sometimes, one can end up finding a buyer where he least expects! For example, finding one in your office or friend circle. There may even be times when you may end up finding your neighbors interested in buying your house! So it is important to spread the message and make people know that it is for sale. Another good idea here is to put up a FOR SALE board right in front of your house.

Through a broker

Brokers are licensed agents aimed at helping buyers and sellers connect. They do charge a little conveyancing fee from both the parties for the same but are experienced enough to find good buyers for you as well as do the necessary documentation for the procedure of selling. There must be tons of licensed brokers in your region, you got to choose one which you find promising.

Sell Fast for cash

There are certain companies such as House and Homes Direct who specialize in buying houses from those who need to sell them urgently for cash.

Sell Fast for Cash

Sell fast for a cash is a scheme run by many wealthy companies and service providers. They acquire properties on urgent basis while paying out a good amount after evaluating your property. There are tons of them offering this service in your area so you got to choose the best one while being beware of the scams.

The company will send an agent of theirs to your property for the visit. The agent will decide the value of your property depending on the various factors as per their criteria. It is always best to consider more than one agent and compare their quotes before making a choice. If you agree on the amount, the sale will be finalized and the entire amount will be paid in cash during the transfer of the title.

Benefits of Selling Fast for Cash

Easier to Sell


Quick Cash

It is indeed the easiest way to sell your property. You will not need to post ads, spread the message or hire an agent for this service. All you need to do is contact the company and inform them of your desire to sell quickly for cash. They will get back to you as soon as possible with the steps to be followed and within a few days, your house will be sold and you will have cash in your hands.   For those looking for quick cash, which is generally the case of those who need to sell quickly, there can be nothing better than the Sell Fast for Cash companies. They offer you the money right away in cash once the deal is finalized and agreed upon by the house owner.

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