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Since the inception and advancement of new age technology, the people of the information age have found many ways to progress. Today, people are more informed and make smarter choices when it comes to almost anything in life. However, the advent of technology and the rise in the average pay has pushed or coaxed people into becoming a bit of spendthrifts. Millions of people buy things they want more than they really need. This has caused financial turbulence around the world. With inadequate financial literacy and intelligence, more and more people have become victims of debt.

There are way too many people around the world who are working hard every day putting in long hours and sometimes, weekends too because they want to be debt free and lead a peaceful life. Financial burdens can really take a toll on a person’s overall well being.  However, if you are looking for a concrete solution to clear off all your debts then raising a loan against your property is a good solution. Mortgaging your property, whether it is a house or a commercial place, gives you the leverage and cash to clear all your debts and lead a peaceful life you have always wanted.

Towry Law Mortgages are experts who offer professional, accurate and sharp information on how you can mortgage your property and take care of the things you always wanted with liquid cash. The team at our organization understands the objective behind your decision and works to find the best kind of mortgage so you can take care of the issues and also be able to repay the loan in a smooth manner. We also excel at house sales where we can help you choose from the variety of options to sell your property.

In order to mortgage your property, we visit your property and inspect to check its overall condition. We also evaluate its real value against the market conditions and the amount of cash you wish to raise. We take the social, governmental and other factors into consideration before giving you a non-obligatory quote of an approximate value. We assist you in doing things which can fetch a better price for your property. Real estate is no easy ball game always and this is why we take time off to fully study your property. We ensure all the paperwork is intact and the documents of ownership address all the concerns required by law.


In the past five years, the global real estate market has seen some serious blows. With major corporations going out of business, jobs becoming scarce and the repayments becoming tougher for people; real estate is risky only if you do not have industry and markets experts by your side. Experience plays a big role here and you definitely cannot deny that. Our highly dependable and professional team helps you meet your goals with transparency and constant clear communication. We ensure to set the expectations clear and will always try to exceed your expectations as a business. 

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We have helped many people out of their financial crisis. Read to know their feedback.

Last year, my son fell extremely ill. He was diagnosed with Leukamia and I had to arrange a lot of money for his immediate treatment. The only option for me was to mortgage my house. Towry Law Mortgages were extremely understanding and supportive. They made sure that I got my funds within no time. Thanks to the company, my son is now recovering. 
Michael Little

We all face a time in life when struggle seems to be synonymous with our living. I was jobless a year ago. I did not know how to take care of my family, my little girl of 2 years and my wife. I wanted immediate finances for my living till I found myself a decent paying job. I mortgaged my house with Towry Law Mortgages and I'm happy I did that. The company was extremely supportive. I have been paying my mortgage payments and soon I will be able to repay the entire amount. 
Alexander Jarvis

House mortgages are often a serious issue. People who consider a mortgage are usually perplexed with the legalities involved. But, when I went about looking for equity from my house, I couldn't think of another option but mortgage. Towry Law Mortgages made the whole process seem easy and quick. Thanks to you people that I'm able to cover my major expenses during my financial lows. 
Cameron Mason